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    Don B, Newark, NJ

    "Bud Bates is simply a professional who has a total grasp of the telecommunications industry."

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    N. V., Chicago, IL

    Bud's enthusiasm was only surpassed by his extensive knowledge of the subject. I am in awe!


Keynote Speaking Services


Why not invite one of our speakers to your next sales, engineering, or association event?

At TCIC we enjoy broad professional recognition, extensive speaking experience, awards, and – most importantly – the ability to captivate your audience. All of our speakers are skilled at educating and motivating people from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. We offer motivational training for sales professionals to get into the technologies, and we supercharge the technical and engineering professionals with renewed interest in their respective fields.

Keynote Specials:

Regis J. “Bud” Bates is known for his dynamic speaking, ability to engage as a seminar leader, and his high-end business consulting and authoring skills. His recent keynotes at special technological events include:

1. A communications company in Arizona had Bud as one of 5 speakers discussing the state of Broadband Communications and the availability of bandwidth. He then gave a second speech on the security issues associated with the high-speed bandwidth needs. Reviews were outstanding and he got three standing ovations.

2. A high-tech computer company in California had Bud address several hundred of their communications sales personnel from around the globe. The topic focused on the innovations and capabilities of the telecommunications chip technology geared towards improving overall quality of life. Even though this was a very technical presentation, he kept them intrigued and interested the whole time.

3. A keynote speech in a five-state region focused on products to enhance our intercommunications on the Internet via Remote Access and VPNs. Given to CEOs and CIOs in these organizations, Mr. Bates targeted the business, technological and financial core aspects of the Internet while at the same time cautioning that security is a must. At each of these meetings, these senior executives signed up for over $1 million in new business for the sponsoring company. They understood the value proposition from Bates’ discussions and acted on it.

4. A presentation for an undisclosed customer to a group of financial backers led to an increase in the investments sought (the investors quadrupled their investment!) and saw a record breaking approval for the millions of dollars requested. (Less than 45 minutes!)

We have many other favorable stories of our keynote addresses to share in the industry. If you have a need for a special topic, then let us know. We deal with all aspects of the telecommunications, wireless and Internet industries, from sales, motivational, engineering and business perspectives. We can even set the stage for future developments in the industry and how consumers may use these technologies in the future, impacting our lives beyond the immediate time frames.

Mr. Bates is considered to be a technology “guru” in the Telecommunications and Wireless Industry, and knows how to captivate, engage and motivate your audience. His style is power packed, and his delivery exciting. He motivates your sales force, your customers, or even financial people trying to figure out where the technology is heading for the future and where to invest.

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