Instructor-Led Training

As the convergence of voice, data and security needs accelerates, who will train your people? This is the question that TCIC is well prepared to answer. We will train you, your staff, or even your boss. Using analogies, real world examples, and presentations that define the industry, TCIC is now offering at least 20 current training sessions that are presented on-site worldwide.

Training topics include:

Understanding VoIP hands on!

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Security




Wireless LAN Security hands on!

Wireless LANs Technologies, Issues and Implementations hands on! Understanding ATM

Voice Communications Demystified

SS7 Fundamentals

• Introduction to LAN/WAN Networking

Wi-Fi and WIMAX Technologies defined

Data Communications Demystified

Data and Internet Communications: Technical Focus

Fundamentals of Telecommunications for the non- technical person

GPRS Overview

Introduction to T1/T3 Networking

Understanding Data Communications

Understanding Wireless and Cellular Communications

Short Message Services Demystified