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Consulting Services


TCIC practices the 3 steps of wireless networking technology selection! What do we mean by 3 steps?

We need collaborative wireless tools and technologies

1. Untethered communications solutions go well beyond the desktop IP phone, by extending your coverage to VoIP phones, PDAs, cell phones, Laptops and any new IP enabled device.

2. Applications such as e-mail, voicemail, instant messaging, or text messaging are a given

3. Presence capabilities to access contact availability and communication preference (phone, e-mail, IM, or text message) is a must

4. Audio- and video-conferencing capabilities are needed to allow users to share documents on demand

It must be an intuitive technological Implementation

1. Wired and wireless IP networking technologies bring a whole new dimension to corporate connectivity and the use of data, we encourage deploying these

2. Device specific applications running on laptop and netbook computers, PDAs, mobile phones, smart phones, and wireless IP phones need ease of use tools to be of value.

3. Training and uptake should be easy for the user.

4.Security solutions are needed to prevent unauthorized access and information gathering

The system must be context aware

1. Network aware applications bind the pieces together

2.Wireless LANs must aid in getting location based services on mobile devices, assets and people throughout a building

3. Active and passive RF identification (RFID) and 802.11 tags need be smart enough to alert you that that assets have moved, changed condition like volume, speed, direction and availability

Our goals are to seek, understand, use and recommend the appropriate solution with this model in mind. TCIC consults to varied clients needing wired and wireless innovation and integration. Our projects have saved clients hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars annually for our clients. We implement major global data communications networks or small corporate domestic networks. Whether it is a major communications manufacturer, a cellular technologies provider, home entertainment electronics company or a major Insurance carrier, we cover the vertical and horizontal needs of our clients.

Our consulting practice also involves the financial justification, technology selection and implementation coordination as you need it. We do only as much as you need us to do, so that you get the necessary ownership and buy-in within the corporate departments.

    We offer a wide variety of Communications
    consulting services such as:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Needs Assessment
  • Developing Requests for Information (RFI)
  • Producing Requests for Proposals RFP
  • Analyzing Responses/Bids
  • Project Justification
  • Assessing the Correct Responses
  • Vendor Selection
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Senior Management Presentations

    We offer these services in the following

  • Wide Area Networks
  • Corporate Wired and Wireless Integration
  • Voice over IP Communications Studies
  • VoIP Systems
  • Strategic Planning and Financial Justifications for Technology Integration
  • WiFi and WIMAX networks
  • Cellular, GSM, 3/4G and LTE
  • Expert Witness Services on Telecom and Wireless networks