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    Don B, Newark, NJ

    "Bud Bates is simply a professional who has a total grasp of the telecommunications industry."

  • testimonials

    N. V., Chicago, IL

    Bud's enthusiasm was only surpassed by his extensive knowledge of the subject. I am in awe!


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What Our Customers Are Saying

We are pretty proud when we read reviews for our training or consulting customers. It is more that an ego trip, it deals with gratification and recognition for a job well done. We selected a few of the comments below for your review.

The combination of animations, the accentuated voice, hand drawings, real life examples & clearing up the acronyms brings together the pieces of a complex industry in a way that is easy to grasp. The detailed explanations and knowledge tests round out a great training tool.
-Jim O, Philadelphia, PA

I have been around for nearly forty years in this industry and I thought I knew everything there was to know. Then I met Bates and realized how much I didn’t know! He has forgotten more about ATM, SONET, DWDM, TCP/IP, VoIP and Data than I ever learned.
– Jimmy M., San Antonio, TX

“Bud Bates is simply a professional who has a total grasp of the telecommunications industry.”
– Don B, Newark, NJ

Bud’s enthusiasm was only surpassed by his extensive knowledge of the subject. I am in awe!
– N. V., Chicago, IL.

“Best instructor I’ve had yet at my company. Also the very best telephony instructor I’ve ever had. Amazingly presents the subject matter with clarity to be well understood. Good sense of humor and interesting!”
– Attendee, Richardson, TX

“Bud Bates’ expertise and credibility impresses not only our training program participants, but our customers as well. In seminars designed especially for customers, he partners with our organization to educate on our industry, our company, and the contribution KMC can make to their business with our products, technology, and service.”
– Karen S. Director, Training And Development a telecommunications carrier

“In my experience, one of the key services that differentiates TCIC from all other vendors I have contact with, is TCIC’s willingness to meet our needs. This has been especially valuable with regard to the content of the training. All material is consistently updated and course customization has been extremely “value added” for our staff.

The instructors have consistently received excellent reviews and our employees have expressed their admiration for the depth of experience brought to the training. Personal anecdotes and experiences have contributed to the success of our training programs.
– J.C. Employee Training Manager

This instructor has taught me more in 5 days than I learned in a whole year at Engineering School. I wish my old professors had his ability to explain things so easily.
– R.C., Sunnyvale, CA.

The US Army is deploying these technologies very quickly, Bud Bates’ ability to show us what the technology is and how to MAKE IT WORK, is going to save us months on our deployment schedule. .
– R.H, Ft. Huachuca, AZ

I always thought WiFi was a play-toy! The way you explained it definitely woke me up to the complexities and the risks associated with putting our information in the air. But I am now better armed with the tools to get my staff to install and protect it properly.
– Jim N. CIO, Los Angeles, CA

Wow! A father-son team that makes everyone else sit up and take note. I was impressed with Bud’s abilities; but Marcus has a unique style that equally blew me away. I can’t imagine what they could have possibly left out, I got so much from both of them.
– C.L., Atlanta, GA