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    Don B, Newark, NJ

    "Bud Bates is simply a professional who has a total grasp of the telecommunications industry."

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    N. V., Chicago, IL

    Bud's enthusiasm was only surpassed by his extensive knowledge of the subject. I am in awe!


Our Mission


TC International Consulting, Inc. is a consulting firm, created by Regis J. “Bud” Bates, and specializing in “Best in Class” voice and data communications technology training for organizations around the world.

Our Mission is to be the best training organization in the industry. We provide only the highest quality lecturers, most comprehensive materials, and state of the art delivery. Regardless of whether we are delivering information via instructer-led presentations, or web-based training, product quality is is our primary focus. Our training bridges the gaps between technological innovation and obsolescence facing many organizations today.

Our Vision and innovative ways of simplifying complex ideas creates a dynamic learning environment for everyone, from novices to experienced and seasoned professionals with decades of experience. Our clients include many of the leaders in the Telecommunications and Computer Industries whose needs span the technologies they build and shape. These organizations turn to TCIC for their training based on the judgment and accolades received from internal staff and peer organizations alike.

Our Strength is in building on solid client relationships. TCIC begins any project by conducting a thorough needs assessment for our clients. Our expertise in customizing materials to meet the specific demands of the client’s organization ranks us at the top of the training curve.

Our Knowledge of new developments in technology enable us, in many cases, to have our training materials completed and sessions running for clients while our competitors are still learning the subject matter. By simplifying the most complex technological information through easy to remember analogies and real world examples, our training methods and materials help client personnel to quickly absorb new information and to retain their training.

Our Instructors are all professionals in their respective areas. As a Global Organization, TCIC delivers training worldwide, eliminating the need for separate multiple organizations. An organization looking for “Best in Class” training should consider the accumulated expertise of our instructor force. Many are from the most prestigious Telecommunications and Computer organizations. Whether from the Sales/Marketing or Design groups, our combined experience sets us above the competition.

Why look for an organization that is still learning the technologies
when TCIC is already here? Choose the best and accept nothing less.

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